Landscape advice: a playful garden

Landscape advice: a playful garden

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Extensions of the house, the garden and the terrace are real living spaces, in which one can certainly garden, but also cook, have lunch, receive, take a nap, meditate, work ... or even play! If you are a gamer at heart and you dream of a room to play wild chess games or to receive your friends around a game of checkers or bridge, why not arrange your garden on the theme of Game ?

How to arrange a garden to play?

An enclosed garden, surrounded by a hedge or a palisade, will promote concentration. Also plan a comfortable garden furniture if the parties last a long time ... The covering of the terrace can evoke a checkerboard by alternating light gray and dark gray reconstituted stone slabs. And why not create a giant chess game? You just have to buy 16 small boxwoods and 16 medium size boxwoods and cut them into the shapes of pawns, towers, horsemen, madmen, kings and queens. 16 white pots and 16 black pots to differentiate players, 32 skateboards, 64 boxes drawn on the ground and you will have a magnificent garden chess game! In the pots and in the aisles, give pride of place to the variety oxalis deppei , a fake four-leaf clover that should bring you luck ... And why not select varieties that evoke the theme of the game? "King of Strikes" crocuses for the King, "Reine de mai" daisies, "Reine Charlotte" violets and "Dame de Coeur" irises for the Queen, New Zealand flax Jester for the joker, hibiscus Red heart … Your play partners should be impressed!

The landscaper's advice

A hedge of charms cut into a topiary (a hedge) protects the garden from view and creates a feeling of appreciated intimacy. But do not hesitate to cut 50 cm wide windows to open perspectives and open up the garden, especially if it is small.

The accessories

The giant chess game You will need: 8 small white pots, 8 small black pots, 8 large white pots, 8 large black pots, 16 small skateboards, 16 large skateboards, 16 small boxwoods and 16 large boxwoods, which you can trim yourself even following your inspiration! On the floor, trace 64 boxes with paint or plan a two-color tile covering.
The game table Adapt the size of the table and the number of seats to your favorite game…
The rest corner A few beanbags in the middle of the flowers and four-leaf clovers will allow you to play cards with friends or to rest after the victory!


Choose white or red flowering plants to evoke the colors of the card game, and varieties with evocative names: Crocus' King of the stripes', large daisies' Reine de mai ', Reine-Marguerite simple from China, fragrant violets' Reine -Charlotte ', iris' Dame de Coeur', roses' Blanche de Castille ', 4 leaf clover Oxalis deppei, Russel lupins, Hibiscus' Red Heart', Christmas roses' Red lady ', New Zealand linen' Jester ' , white mary hearts…


Creating the giant chess game can be very affordable if you choose small boxwood that you will trim as it grows, and if you can negotiate a wholesale price for the purchase of pots and boards. Otherwise, give free rein to your imagination to select the varieties most suited to your garden and your soil, by simply respecting the choice of the two flowering colors. All our balcony, terrace and garden videos