How to choose a ceiling light?

How to choose a ceiling light?

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Answer: depending on the room.

The choice of a ceiling light depends on two essential criteria: the size of the room to be lit and the nature of the lighting. There are several types of lighting. Incandescent bulbs are the oldest and are often replaced by energy saving bulbs or LEDs. Some take a little time to reach their maximum lighting rate and are not recommended in places such as corridors, for example, which require rapid lighting. The second type of lighting is halogen. More powerful, its ignition is instantaneous. Its power consumption is also higher. In addition to the decorative aspect, it is also important to choose a ceiling lamp whose size will be adapted to that of the room. In small rooms such as toilets or corridors, you will avoid ceiling lights of more than 30 cm in diameter, which are too bulky. Large rooms, beyond 20 m², can receive large ceiling lights. A very fashionable XXL ceiling lamp will bring a trendy touch to your interior.


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