5 design trends for stoves

5 design trends for stoves

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Log or pellet, the wood stove combines aesthetics and ecological comfort. New design trends allow the wood stove to integrate into the most contemporary interiors, even to bring a touch of refinement. Specialists are no longer content to offer a useful object. They now meet a demanding expectation in the field of interior decoration. Success is there and we cannot resist this new trend of intelligent heating.

Alice de Brisach: magic

The wood stove has an unusual design to integrate elegantly into the interior decoration. We are blown away by this Brisach stove, as aesthetic as it is magical. A true work of art born from the creativity of designers Yann Dumas and Salim Haïdar, the Alice wood stove - completely timeless - becomes psyche when it is not in operation. As if by magic, the beneficent flames appear "on the other side of the mirror". When the stove is lit, the hearth is protected by a glass which turns - as soon as the fire goes out - into a mirror with perfect clarity. Brisach signs here a technological feat that transforms the habitat into a world of wonders worthy of Lewis Caroll. A little gem that will undoubtedly make a splash on the wood stove market starting next spring.

The Thermorossi wood stove plays the sobriety card

Certainly sober, the Slimquadro pellet stove in crystal glass displays a contemporary design, with pure and elegant lines. It comes in three trendy colors: black, red and white. It therefore subtly integrates into a current universe, and is perfectly suited to small spaces since this designer pellet stove is only 30 cm thick. Thermorossi offers another equally stylish wood stove model: Cuba 10, clad in anthracite, white or black lacquered metal.

Invicta: an assertive design

The collection of Invicta wood stoves offers an incredible choice to the most demanding consumer who does not want to ignore the design of his ecological heater. The bet is successful, the wide range offers log stoves and pellet stoves with harmonious and extremely varied shapes. The manufacturer is counting on metallic gray which will undoubtedly find its place in a loft or an urban chic universe. Among the most design of the Invicta range, we find Pow-Wow, Ove, Gaya Leaf or the original Tipi inspired by Indian dwellings.

Fréjole de Godin: the originality of the curves

To be integrated into a universe with Nature colors, in a cocooning atmosphere dominated by soft fabrics and light wooden furniture, the Fréjole wood stove from the manufacturer Godin is original. All round like a porthole, it is perfect in small spaces.

A watchword: modernity

Many manufacturers of wood stoves have opted for discretion without failing to the current codes in terms of interior decoration, in order to integrate each appliance into today's habitat. Hwam relies on elegance, just like Focus with its Stofocus stove and Oldberg emphasizes the softness of the curves with its Sotara Compact model. While the Hot Box of Fondis reveals its exuberance by combining with a very current chic hearth and log box. The wood stove is now asserting itself. Our practical decoration videos