Mistakes to avoid in party decoration

Mistakes to avoid in party decoration

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If creativity is the order of the day, decorating your home for the holidays still involves a few common sense rules to avoid mistakes in taste. Marriage of hazardous colors, festive table and decoration of the living room overloaded, inappropriate light, Christmas tree drowned under the decorative subjects are as many errors to avoid in its festive decoration. For a magical atmosphere far from abuse, it is better to show moderation. We therefore keep our hands light.

Error # 1: too many colors

No need to transform the reception room into a patchwork without opting for the total look because a single color brings a certain coldness to the interior decor. In terms of colors, consistency must remain the watchword. We therefore think of harmony and we limit ourselves to two tones which combine perfectly. For a Christmas decoration, gold, silver or copper go perfectly with red or midnight blue, or even white for extreme refinement. When in doubt, it is very useful to use a color chart.

Mistake # 2: mixing styles

Nothing is worse than a motley decoration where the Baroque meets the country style punctuated with an urban chic touch. It is far better to opt for one theme, so that no one gets lost. Consistency is essential to emphasize the chosen theme, and to obtain a most harmonious result.

Error N ° 3: overloaded party table

A successful festive table shines with its sobriety. If Christmas subjects can find their place there, it is not wise to abuse it at the risk that the guests will run out of space or that it will no longer be possible to place the serving dishes there. Beware of excess glitter that should be placed at a safe distance from the plates. Likewise, excessively high decorations likely to hide the guest seated opposite are banned. In terms of colors, the ideal is to opt for harmony with the decoration of the room. In the same spirit, it is better to swap dishes loaded with patterns for immaculately white plates, or at least plain. There will indeed be enough decorations on the Christmas table. Too many patterns kill patterns.

Mistake # 4: too bright a light

We forget the chandeliers and the too dazzling raw light. The Christmas party should emphasize the soft and warm light. So we install almost everywhere dim lights, candles, lanterns and tealight holders or electric garlands without however abusing flashing bulbs.

Mistake N ° 5: Christmas tree weighed down by decorations

It is in moderation that we adorn the king of the forests because he will be sufficiently charged after the passage of Santa Claus! We can therefore opt for a few beautifully matched balls and subjects, if possible retaining the dominant colors of the room decor and the party table. The electric garlands should not be too numerous either, otherwise the tree will weigh down.