What carpet to choose in places of passage?

What carpet to choose in places of passage?

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The aesthetics of a carpet should not be the only criterion of choice. Its resistance to trampling is also very important. An adult bedroom carpet will not necessarily be the same as the office, entrance hall or stair carpet because depending on the height of the wires and their density, it will be more or less resistant to passage. It therefore remains to be determined whether the use is occasional, moderate or even intensive so as not to be mistaken and take advantage of the comfort that the carpet brings to the home for a long time.

A carpet for a moderate passage

The adult bedroom is one of the best examples of a moderate passage room. The carpet is essential to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. We can therefore lay all types of carpet, namely polyamide, polypropylene, synthetic fibers, polyester, or natural fibers, that is to say wool. The important thing is that it is soft and fluffy under bare feet.

Carpets and castors

For rooms where a chair on casters is used such as an office or a bedroom-office, it is essential to choose a carpet suitable for heavy traffic. We will therefore opt for a carpet whose label indicates the symbol "roulettes". The same applies if the dwelling is occupied by a person with reduced mobility who is traveling in a wheelchair.

Carpet on the stairs

The staircase can be considered as a place of intensive passage in a family where several children evolve, because every day the comings and goings are going well. We will therefore opt for a non-slip carpet, security requires. Good quality carpet is excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, a must for everyone's comfort. And if you choose it thick and soft, walking barefoot will be much more pleasant. To find the carpet best suited to the staircase, you might as well rely on the pictograms affixed by suppliers on the product label. It remains to decide among a breathtaking panel of colors and patterns but also aspects, namely looped for great resistance, structured for a relief effect, cut or shaved for a velvet effect. For the staircase, it goes without saying that a wool carpet is to be preferred to synthetic carpets because it is resistant to passage and not slippery.

Carpet tiles: for which rooms

After determining the type of carpet to be laid, it remains to be seen what is preferable between strip carpet and tile carpet. For a child's bedroom as well as the living room, it may be preferable to opt for the tiles. They have the advantage of being able to be changed one by one in case of indelible stains, snags or burns for example. Indeed, it is better to change only two or three carpet tiles rather than the entire carpet. Although a little more expensive to buy, the carpet tiles turns out - in this case - much more economical. And as for the carpet, it offers the choice of material, patterns and colors.