. KITCHEN WALL wall panel covering Slate gray SF The BerryAlloc Kitchen Wall collection - made of durable compact laminate - is resistant to heat, water and even direct splashing of boiling water. These walls with a realistic tiling structure remain clean and hygienic year after year. With their thickness of 3 mm, these panels are the ideal material for renovations. You can easily and quickly install the panels yourself, without soiling or wasting time. You have a choice between 20 variants. Nine colors with different tiling structures and gloss layers. In this way, you create the kitchen of your dreams yourself and continue to enjoy it without worry thanks to the lifetime warranty. BERRY ALLOC //


. COOKE & LEWIS ICE black kitchen Available within 15 days The ultra chic shade, the mat finish, the flawless design make the success of this kitchen, which stands out for its elegance and sobriety. Its excellent value for money adds to its qualities. And the very pleasant "Peach Skin" feel of the facades makes all the difference. 15 year warranty - Closing brakes for soft closing - Door shock absorbers to absorb shocks and limit noise - Fully extended drawers with shock absorbers for easy access to all contents Cooke & Lewis, an exclusive brand of Castorama Find the 30 models of the kitchen ranges The 3 in one to make your own kitchen THE PACK GET STARTED "MAKE A KITCHEN" 1 / Indispensable: the notebook with information, tips and the list of tools to prepare your project. 2 / Easy: DVD with step-by-step videos to help realize his projects. 3 / Practice: an easel book with sheets to take to the site. 4 Kitchen projects explained from A to Z: - Install a worktop - Replace a sink mixer - Mount kitchen furniture - Install a built-in sink A collection of 11 packs available in stores and on A ready-to-use shopping list CASTO 3D KITCHEN A design tool much more elaborate than a simple planning tool, which suggests ideal locations, already integrating standards, constraints, functional and practical logic , in order to offer a complete, optimized and turnkey project. - Thanks to the online quote, no budget surprises. - Thanks to the shopping list, no more forgetting in store. Available free of charge in stores and on Need a helping hand to build your kitchen? Think of the Troc'h heures! The 1st DIY support platform for exchanging know-how and time between individuals to learn DIY together. Kitchen furniture ICE Black CASTORAMA COOKE & LEWIS Matt Tonic Handles COOKE & LEWIS, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA


. COOKE & LEWIS Intuition laminate black compakt worktop This extra flat black water-repellent worktop will bring a design touch to your kitchen. This impact and scratch resistant worktop is available in different sizes and in white. COOKE & LEWIS Intuition 38 mm finishing profile COOKE & LEWIS, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA


. 1 Toaster Vision Black 11529 1 Robot Mini Plus Black 1 Nespresso M130U // 11340 machine MAGIMIX CLEFSS-C COOKE & LEWIS pulsed heat stainless steel oven Gas hob IX CLEP1SS-C COOKE & LEWIS Trapeze hood 60 CL CH60SS-C COOKE & LEWIS COOKE & LEWIS, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA


. 1 GLOBO Yellow Salad Bowl 1 Rondo KURO Small Box 1 Rondo KURO Large Box EKOBO HOME  1 Wooden board D30 cm Rubber SIBO HOMECONCEPT  1 Sinkin dish rack 330065 Sinkin Dish Drainer, sheathed metal with removable cutlery receptacle and protective belt - 36 x 26 cm 1 Knife block 330585 Storage for kitchen knives to place or fix to the wall - for 8 knives maximum (knives not supplied). 1 Measuring cup Cuppa 330675 Black 4-cup kitchen measuring cups - stackable - BPA free Tricon canisters 330900 Smoke Set of three food containers (2 x 1 liter, 1 x 2 liters) with waterproof silicone metering lids - BPA free 1 Set Oil and Vinegar Chickie 330983 Oil and vinegar set with bird silhouette in white ceramic 1 JOEY 330 750 Black Soap + Sponge Liquid ceramic soap pump with sponge holder (sponge supplied) - capacity 740 ml UMBRA 1 scale F6400 Magnetic spice jar F92656 1 hanging bar F91050 2 nomad mugs F07201 3 cookbooks 1 corkscrew F02650 1 sink mat F88301 1 spatula F10400 1 half spatula F10300 1 brush F12800 1 pear brush F13301 1 stirring spoon F15100 1 multipurpose tongs F13000 1 cheese mill F21450 1 knife F22100 1 mortar and grater F28001 1 chopper F25300 1 duet F27850 1 spice mill F28450 stainless steel bowls F29253 1 colander F30004 1 nutcracker F32601 1 mechanical sieve F37750 1 muffin mold F42118 1 crepe 1 smoked black square foil F69201 1 silicone tagine F69000 MASTRAD Factory FORM black hanging credenza kit Select FORM automatic opening bin FORM, an exclusive brand of CASTORAMA

THE luminaire:

. Strip 2 spots ARAMA Black CASTORAMA


. 1 Venetian blind G300 custom wooden slats MADECO Mural : Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Absolute Matt - SOLARIUM Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Absolute Mat - BETON BRUT Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Absolute Mat - BLANC INTENSE Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Absolute Mat - BLACK OR DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range, only for sale at Leory Merlin


. 1 Potholder Authentic Striped Oxford Potholder 1 Glove Authentic Striped Oxford Mitten LEXINGTON COMPANY 1 CFIFILITA1 "Yellow Beater" Apron 1 "Yellow Beater" tea towel CFIFILITO1 DAY COLLECTION


. Magnet for the refrigerator "New York Stairs" FUNNYDOORS 1 CCOUVBOHA5 "Ladle" Box DAY COLLECTION The candles : G43419 Escentiel Lemon & Sage Candle Jar G43154 Escentiel Mandarin & Mango Candle Jar S65419 Lemon & Sage 3 Wick Candle G34154 Mandarin & Mango 3 Wick Candle Jar G43745 Escentiel Spice Bouquet P95540 Candle Garden Spice Bouquet G34745 Candle jars 3 wicks Spice bunch P90385 Candle holder 3 wicks Holiday Charm P90126 Candle holder 3 wicks Futuristic G84418 Candle pot 3 wicks Divine cocktail G4382 Candle jar Escentiel Black Cherry S65454 Candle 3 wicks Sweet Vanilla G43406 Candle Jar Escentiel Brise Mediterranean P95538 Candle Garden Mediterranean Breeze G34406 Candle Jar 3 Wicks Mediterranean Breeze G34249 Candle Jar 3 Wicks Vanilla & Lemon G43249 Escentiel Candle Jar Vanilla & Lemon PARTYLITE