Around a sofa: the living room decoration sign

Around a sofa: the living room decoration sign

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If the decoration of the living room is on the agenda, the good idea is to turn to “Around a sofa”, the decoration sign of the living room par excellence. The boutique, located on Boulevard Sébastopol, in the heart of Paris, is one of the capital's must-see addresses. From the lighting to the sofa, from the table to the carpet, there is everything, whatever its style and budget. This concept store emphasizes creativity, uniqueness and quality.

Around the sofa pays tribute to creativity

Born in 2005 from the passion of four decoration lovers, the Autour d'un couch brand has always aimed to make the couch a real art of living. The centerpiece of all shared moments, the sofa - the brand's focal point - had to be functional, comfortable, upscale while being adapted to everyone's style. The showroom offers three levels of exposure where the bewildered visitor can discover the creations of inspired designers.

The show staged

So that everyone can project themselves into their future living room, the creations on display evoke extremely different universes thanks to judicious scenographies. A true hymn to colors, materials, accessories, light and furniture. Interior design, urban chic decor, contemporary accent, classic decoration: on more than 500 m², we happily move from one atmosphere to another, filled with excellence. Furniture and decorative objects bear witness to the artistic dimension of the designers and creators involved. The Around a sofa brand takes a unique look at the decoration that it shares with renowned partners such as Toutlemonde Bochart, Leolux or Arketipo, among others.

Around a sofa meets all expectations

Fan of Pop'Art or sensitive to discreet furniture? Around a sofa can meet all expectations. The brand also offers its customers to create the carpet of their dreams themselves, guided by a decoration and creation consultant. It's up to everyone to choose the shape of their carpet, the patterns, the colors. Around a sofa has a palette of more than five hundred colors! Likewise, the manufacturing technique is up to the client-designer. The carpet can be woven, tufted or knotted, always by hand. But it is also possible to opt for mechanical weaving. Because a customer is unique, Around a sofa offers them the possibility of decorating their interior while respecting their own codes.


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