Dark curtains for chic decor

Dark curtains for chic decor

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In the home, it is often thought that it is better to opt for light curtains to maximize the brightness. But be aware that dark curtains will have many advantages. Zoom on the dark curtains, to adopt this winter.

The advantages of dark curtains

Darker curtains are sure to highlight the windows by creating a nice contrast between the wall and the curtains. They will have the effect of dramatizing them. In addition, dark curtains can be left open during the day when daylight can enter the house and you can close them after dark to give a cozy atmosphere to your house. The dark curtains will particularly correspond to the winter season when the night falls earlier. You will get an enveloping decor perfect to warm your interior. Since light will not be a criterion in the choice of materials, you can opt for thick curtains that will not fail to insulate your windows.

How to choose your dark curtains?

First of all, start by defining the color that you will adopt. Know that black will highlight your decor and offer a chic decor, gray will be brighter and play the trend card and the tones of mole will be a little warmer while keeping the chic of dark colors. Then, take care of the materials according to your style. For simple curtains, linen will be ideal because it is timeless. For a more sophisticated decor, do not hesitate to play with textures by adopting brilliant materials such as taffeta or shimmering velvet. Our practical decoration videos