In the studio of Elise Fouin, aerial designer

In the studio of Elise Fouin, aerial designer

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This sweet-spoken thirties always knew what she wanted to do in life. Art. And if today, she is one of the designers to follow closely, it is because her work is very close to that of a visual artist. The difference is in function. His light creations, vases or shelves - could not be more functional, are as beautiful as sculptures. Transforming the banality of everyday life through objects or places could be the definition of Elise Fouin's work. It must be said that she went to a good school and looking at her course, everything fits. From her childhood in Vesoul, where painting and the piano were part of her school activities, to her Paris office today, her life followed a path she chose. First there was the Boulle school, goldsmith section. Three years later, diploma in hand, she enrolled in design still in the prestigious school, and came out two years later with her second diploma.

An office workshop in the new Paris

It is from there that her professional life begins, and not too bad since she obtains an internship in a beautiful agency. She will spend three years with Putman working on objects. Life is good, she launches out in the capital. Elise Fouin and Paris is probably a strong story, because the little girl from the East has a very precise idea of ​​what makes the most beautiful city in the world ... the most beautiful city in the world. His office workshop is located in a recent district, close to the Grande Bibliothèque. A cinematographic place, where the verticals are buildings with clean lines, sometimes giving him the impression of living in a new district of London. But for her, it is above all Paris, and she never tires of it. On his desk, three dishes with the contours of the city attest to his attachment. They are part of a project that did not see the light of day, but she does not despair "It is a tableware that I developed for the Ateliers de Paris. I made it in 3D and I would love to find a French industrialist who publishes it. "Indeed, one wonders why tourists fond of Parisian symbols should be content with a mug on which one reads" I love Paris "," when there are so many possibilities for evoke the city "she explains.

The taste of paper

Elise Fouin, however, has the particularity of loving working with the material, before taking an interest in forms. A reputation that comes from his first personal work. When she discovers for example the innumerable possibilities that paper reserves. Since then, other materials have seduced her, but in her studio office bathed in light, there are still surprising vestiges of this period. In particular the entrance wall, lined with wallpaper of his invention. The big lais are not satisfied with being an original decoration, inspired by the falls of massicotage in printing works. It is also a storage space, because it offers spaces to classify your mail, or your favorite photos. Elise Fouin called it "the functional wallpaper". It could have added aesthetics and practicality. But that would have been a bit long!

Entrance to the Museum

Metal, paper, but also glass fascinate her. It is with this latter that Elise Fouin saw the doors of a museum open. It all started with a visit to a school where students learned to work glass for laboratories. A real Ali Baba cave for the young woman who never tires of watching how pipettes and coils turn. From there was born the idea of ​​a vase a little strange, fragile and yet of a foolproof stability. It is now part of the MUDAC * collection in Lausanne. And if Elise is proud of it, it is mainly because she has succeeded in making the glass industry understand differently. * Museum of design and contemporary applied arts.

Praise for simplicity

This very special look at everyday objects is indeed its trademark. The industrialists who call on Elise Fouin are not mistaken. They know that it will immediately go towards simplicity, while bringing its original touch. Last example to date with the design editor Petite Friture who asked him for a wall lamp. Elise Fouin started by thinking about what generally bothered her about this kind of object: the wires and the hole to plug when you want to change it. That's how was born Grillo , a simple wall lamp, which fits into the wall. You could even say that it fades away because it is so discreet and neutral.

Don't take up too much space

Yes, Elise Fouin takes care not to overload. She likes to let space live. Putting your fingerprint on it without ostentation is a way of doing things that suits them. We check it in the layout of his workplace. Another of these ideas occupies the large wall where his office is located. On a wooden cladding, metal shelves welcome all kinds of objects. It is a creation, not yet published, but which deserves to be. A contemporary version of the shelf, to be mounted like a game of Lego, because the metal harnesses are fixed on the wooden uprights, according to needs or desires, and without hammer. Looking at the whole, one is surprised by this harmonious simplicity. A very Elise Fouin way of bringing lightness to everyday life.