Sewing video: changing a zipper

Sewing video: changing a zipper

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The zipper of your favorite pants is broken? Would you like to change the zipper on one of your clothes? Laurent Lachèze, co-founder of Bobines et Combines, shows you how to easily change a zipper.

Watch the video :

Prepare the position of the new zipper

Start by removing the old zipper. For this, unstitch all the threads, without forgetting the decorative seams. When you have released the zipper location, position the new zipper in place of the old one. To do this, first position one side of the slide, which you then fix with pins.

Sew the new zipper

When the slide is correctly positioned, it must then be sewn. A specific crowbar is necessary to sew a fly. Start by sewing the top of the zipper for a centimeter, then reverse to secure the seam. Continue sewing all the way down. When the first side is finished, attach with pins the second side of the open fly, then sew as before.


When your fly is sewn, you must then stitch the finishes. Pin all the thicknesses of the flap over the fly, then sew following the old stitching marks. Also remember to sew the belt. Finally cut the wires neatly and cleanly. Thanks to the advice of Laurent Lachèze, you will be able to wear your favorite pants again. Watch the Couture video: changing a zipper on Produced by Minute Facile.