Sewing: learning to sew a patch pocket

Sewing: learning to sew a patch pocket

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Depending on the type of pocket, the method to be used for sewing on a garment is different. Below we will teach you how to sew a patch pocket. 1. Mark at the present: 737409 tailor's frame point the exact location where the pocket should be located on the garment. Align the angles of the pocket with the tailor's stitching points made previously, then fix the pocket on the garment using pins.
2. To avoid wrinkles on the news: 739845 fabric when sewing, baste the pocket around the edges and remove the pins. Be careful not to over-tighten the wire so that it is easy to remove later.
3. Finally, sew the pocket a few millimeters from the edge with a sewing machine, or possibly by hand at the news: 737337 slipped stitch, then remove the basting stitches.


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