Video: tips and tricks for combining fabrics

Video: tips and tricks for combining fabrics

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You would like to make a garment, but you do not know which fabric assembly to choose? Do you want to know the best combinations of fabrics for your creations? Thanks to the advice of Annabelle Kumar, of "Anna Ka Bazaar", discover which fabric alliances you can make to obtain an aesthetic and harmonious rendering.

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The different news marriages: 739845 fabric

If you plan to use a patterned fabric and want to stitch it with another news item: 739845 fabric, you can use solid color to highlight patterns. For example, a news item: 739845 floral fabric matches a news item: 739845 plain fabric that uses one of the colors of the patterned one. You can also choose to stitch an actu: 739845 dotted fabric with an actu: 739845 striped fabric in another tone, to mark their difference and enhance the two fabrics. A news item: 739845 fabric with dark patterns on a light background stands out particularly well when combined with a news item: 739845 fabric with thin stripes in the same colors as the patterns. This method makes it possible to obtain a harmonious marriage to bring out each news: 739845 fabric.

The trick to marry fabrics

The trick to a successful fabric match is relatively simple: rely on the color of the fabrics. Always use fabrics in the same range of colors to be sure of achieving a harmonious combination of fabrics and to highlight each news item: 739845 fabric of your confection. Take note of Annabelle Kumar's explanations to make the right fabric marriages and save time when buying your fabrics! Find the video Tips and tricks for marrying fabrics on Produced by Minute Facile.