I give my old furniture a facelift

I give my old furniture a facelift

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Furniture, like many other elements, goes out of fashion. What was trendy a few years ago is now old-fashioned, even corny. Does this mean investing in new furniture? Not necessarily… There are a multitude of tips to give your old furniture a facelift. Here are the editorial staff's tips for revamping your furniture and updating your interior at a lower cost.

Natural wood furniture changes colors

Home staging is the big trend of the moment. Boosted by the famous Stéphane Plaza show, Maison à vendre, this practice allows you to redecorate your interior at a lower cost by using the elements already present. Natural wood furniture is the easiest to work with. After a gentle sanding, done with fine grains, you can varnish, stain or paint this type of furniture. The most popular colors to give your furniture a facelift are white and gray. Whether in the form of stain or paint, these colors refresh the house while retaining the warm side of the wood. If you like fantasy, you can color your furniture in blue, green or red. For the best results, always choose paints and stains suitable for your support.

Work plywood furniture

Unlike wooden furniture, plywood furniture must be completely covered. We can neither varnish nor stain them. However, you can paint them in the color of your choice or cover them with an adhesive coating. This last option gives free rein to your imagination. Your furniture can be covered with leather, fabrics, colors, patterns, etc. You can even multiply the adhesives for more fantasy!

Dressing chairs and armchairs

Household linen quickly goes out of fashion, especially if you have chosen colored or patterned fabrics. To give your chairs and armchairs a facelift, simply change the fabrics. Prefer neutral colors or those that will match your decor. We avoid excessively original fabrics that will only please you for a while. If you have an old sofa, simply cover it with a plaid, a quilt or a flat sheet. Invest in coordinated cushions to give your living room a cozy touch.

Change handles

It seems trivial, and yet ... Changing the handles of your furniture can transform them! A simple white piece of furniture can have cachet, the kitchen furniture as for them will be instantly rejuvenated. If you plan to paint your furniture, stain it or cover it with an adhesive coating, changing the handles may be essential, especially if you want to unify the different pieces of furniture in a room. You will understand, before spending a small fortune on new furniture, revamp your current furniture with all our advice.