I set up my living room at ground level

I set up my living room at ground level

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Do you want your living room to be a friendly and relaxed space? By placing your living room at ground level, the effect will be instantaneous and your seats will invite you to relax. To help you imagine this unconventional living room, we give you some ideas.

Defining an atmosphere

Even by choosing a living room at ground level, you will be able to give a certain atmosphere to your room! And all styles are possible but be aware that some will lend themselves more than others. For example, the oriental style and the zen style are decorative atmospheres which traditionally use low furniture with benches on the floor or special cushions. Furthermore, be aware that naturally relaxed styles will perfectly suit the image of an urban atmosphere, for example, or travel decor.

Choosing the right furniture

For your furniture, it will therefore be necessary to choose seats that are as close as possible to the floor. For this, we can opt for some designer sofas that graze the floor but the best is to choose benches that are installed directly on it. To accessorize your bench / sofa, you can opt for floor cushions but also beanbags that will bring a relaxed atmosphere to the room. You will find many colors which will allow you to adapt your new furniture to your decoration. And for a thematic decorative touch, know that there are also poufs that display digital prints with views of New York for example to create an urban atmosphere. Our practical decoration recovery videos