A trash can that has style!

A trash can that has style!

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If the bin has a bad reputation, it can still blend in with your decor. The condition ? Choose your bin according to your decor style. Find out which trash can to choose according to the decorative atmosphere of your interior.

A trash can for pop style

In a pop interior, it is the color that predominates so there is no reason for your trash to deviate from this rule. So, we choose a bright color model that will meet the decorative objects of your room. And as the pop style dares to be original, your trash can can be transformed into a real decorative object by taking for example the shape of a can or an apple.

A trash can for a design style

In a designer kitchen or bathroom, the trash can plays the card of clean lines. It is then very simple and elegant but is dressed in materials like metal and pure color like black or white. It will take the form of a modern totem that will blend with style in your interior. We think of reference brands like Vipp or Brabantia.

A trash can for an industrial style

In an industrial atmosphere, the trash seems recovered. Thus, it looks more like a barrel with a lid and is necessarily dressed in metal. To give it an aged look, patinated materials will be preferred. To find this kind of trash, go to the big decoration brands like Alinéa or Maisons du monde which reproduce with style old industrial models. Our practical decoration videos